Progress πŸ™‚

This morning a patient lost his cool with me. He told me to ‘Fuck off ‘ that he was going to “finish me off” and that I was a “cunt”. (My apologies for the language) he came at me angrily – he is about 5’11” and I am not that large …

I hate violence and have often felt super cowed by aggression. A year ago this episode would have both frightened and upset me – today it frightened me but I was not upset by it. I haven’t spent the rest of the day wondering if it was somehow my fault (it wasn’t) I haven’t worried about what the witnesses would think, I agreed immediately with the Police Constable who suggest I press charges.

In short I was not intimidated. Annoyed , cross even, but not intimidated… and that’s major progress.

This afternoon I feel good, almost brimming with confidence, full of optimism enthusiasm and the simple pleasure of being alive with so many opportunities in front of me !

On the back of my confidence and optimism,I’ve planned a Bumble date for New Years Day … taking the dog for a walk!!

Wish me luck 🀣


  1. Excellent point of reference! We all take our victories wherever we may find them on the healing journey. Enjoy walking your dog, of course. Three of them own me and I’m sure they’ve made plans for New Year’s Day where I figure in rather heavily. It’s so much better than considering the alternatives, eh?
    Happy New Year to you, dear one.


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